I Just Love the Pandemic! A secret love story for M&M's


Here’s a little M&M’s humor to lighten your day.

I just dumped a pack of M&M’s into my mask at work and am slowly eating them like a horse. I love the pandemic!

More M&M’s humor. Which is your favorite joke?

Q. How can you tell that a Swede has been baking chocolate chip cookies? A. There are M&M shells all over the counter.

Q. Why do Americans hate M&M’s? A. They’re too hard to peel.

M&M’s are cheaper than therapy. And you don’t need an appointment!

In Heaven, M&M’s have no calories and are served as the main course.

My therapist told me the way to achieve inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I’ve finished two bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.

Yo momma is so stupid. She tried to put M&M’s in alphabetical order.

The only thing better than a friend is a friend with a bag of M&M’s she wants to share.

What is the meaning of life? All evidence to date suggest it’s M&M’s.

Save this planet! It’s the only one with M&M’s.

M&M’s are made from cocoa, which is a tree. A tree is a plant. That makes M&M’s a salad!

I’d give up M&M’s, but I’m not a quitter.

Which of the above jokes did you like best? Do you have a favorite? Is there one that had you rolling in the aisles?

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